TTPL is one of the leading Spray Dryer suppliers in India. TTPL has in-house expertise of engineering spray dryers to suit variety of applications and product quality requirements. With its innovative engineering capabilities TTPL has been engineering and supplying Spray Dryers and granulators for more than 20 years in India and overseas.

Working Principle

  • Material to be dried is sprayed / atomized in to the stream of drying medium (air)
  • The water / solvent is evaporated and gets conveyed out by drying medium
  • The dried material is discharged out of spray dryer chamber in form of powder or granules
  • The drying medium is passed through a particulate separation equipment for fine particle separation

Superior Features

  • In-house manufacturing of critical components
  • Dryer design with optimized energy consumption
  • Special design of spray dryers for slurries with abrasive characteristics and high concentration
  • Precise control of granule size, particle size distribution and bulk density
  • Hollow / solid granules can be produced
  • Spray dryer bottom cone designed to facilitate quick powder slide down
  • Minimal “powder sticking” on chamber due to unique design of Air Distributor and proper mixing of Spray & Air
  • Quick replacement of Nozzle Atomizer Assembly
  • High efficiency cyclone / Bag House for powder recovery
  • Optimum residence time to achieve desired moisture in the dry powder
  • Better yield of dry powder and max product recovery
  • State of the art control system to ensure consistent performance of spray dryer
  • Continuous monitoring & control of the operating parameters for better product quality

Applications of Spray Dryer

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solutions / Suspensions
  • Paints / Pigments / Dyes
  • Inorganic / organic materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Solutions / Suspensions
  • Paints / Pigments / Dyes
  • Inorganic / organic materials