TTPL is a leading Spray Cooler manufacturer in India having more than 10 satisfied oversees customers. TTPL offers the most versatile design of Spray Cooler having several innovative features.

Working Principle

  • The process of transforming molten liquid material in to the spherical solid particles using cold air is called as Spray cooling.
  • Molten liquid is sprayed in to the stream of uniformly distributed cold air. The molten mass solidifies to produce granules of desired specifications.
  • The granules are separated in high efficiency cyclone. The air free from granules is recirculated.
  • The spray cooled granules are further cooled in specially designed Bulk Flow Cooler to avoid lump formation during transportation.

Superior Features

  • Particle size in wide range (250 to 1000 microns) can be produced in the Spray Cooler
  • Most energy efficient system.
  • Uniform powder particle size
  • High efficiency cyclone separator for powder collection
  • Almost nil powder sticking inside the tubes.
  • No nozzle chocking.
  • Specially designed Bulk Flow Cooler for Post cooling
  • Single point powder collection.
  • No nozzle dripping during starting and stopping of plant.
  • Highest level of instrumentation and the control loops are provided for maintaining consistent powder quality.
  • Instrumentation for recording and logging of various vital parameters such as pressure, temperature and flow rate is provided.
  • Fully automatic plant with PLC and SCADA based control system

Applications of Spray Cooler

  • Palm Stearine
  • Encapsulated materials
  • Poly ethylene Glycols
  • Fats
  • Hydrates
  • Glycerides
  • Stearic acid/ Stearates
  • Organic / Inorganic materials
  • Waxes