TTPL offers most energy efficient fluid bed dryers producing consistent quality products.

Working Principle

  • The process air is supplied to the bed through a special perforated distributor plate and flows through the bed of solids at a velocity sufficient to support the weight of particles in a fluidized state.
  • Bubbles form and collapse within the fluidized bed of material, promoting intense particle movement. In this state, the solids behave like a free flowing boiling liquid.
  • Very high heat and mass transfer takes place as a result of the intimate contact with the solids and the fluidizing gas.

System Superior Features

  • Designed for the constant moisture evaporation rate
  • Optimum air flow and inlet & outlet temperatures
  • Optimum energy consumption
  • Some amount of moisture is deliberately kept in the sand at dryer outlet for evaporative cooling of sand in cooler
  • Most effective and efficient fluidization mechanism
  • Almost nil sand carry-over therefore no wear & tear.
  • Cyclone cum Bag house for the optimum pressure drop and space


  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Mineral processing
  • Polymer industry