TTPL has established itself as a reliable fly ash dryer manufacturer with many innovative features in the design of Fly Ash / Pond Ash Dryer. TTPL has years of experience in flash drying of wide variety of products.

Working Principle of Fly Ash / Pond Ash Drye

  • Works on flash drying principle
  • Hot air is intensely mixed with wet ash / pond ash.
  • Material gets dried in less than a second, hence the name “Flash Drying”.

Superior Features

  • Patented Feeding and Distribution system for uniform feeding across the drying chamber
  • Works without product degradation
  • Minimum wet fly ash rejection
  • Fully Automatic Plant
  • Patented design of Cyclone cum Bag Filter for effective ash collection and reduced emission.
  • Control system designed to absorb reasonable variations in hot air and wet ash parameters.
  • Reliable instrumentation with safety trips and alarms.


  • Pond / Wet Fly Ash in cement industry
  • Drying of fly ash / pond ash generated from Thermal Power plants