TTPL offers the most efficient cyclones and multiclones for effective particulate removal from dust laden flue gases. TTPL has in-house expertise of engineering Cyclones and multiclones to suit variety of applications and product quality requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Entry Type: Tangential / Axial / Involute / Inlet Conical / Cylindrical Chamber.
  • Capacity / Size: Customized as per application.
  • Application: For Powder Separation from air / gas. Multiclone for very high gas / air flow rates.
  • Features: High Efficiency / No Moving Parts hence no wear & tear / Simple to maintain.

Superior Features

  • High in collection efficiency. Dust of 10µm or more is collected over 90%.
  • Less pressure loss. Low power cost.
  • Stable operation. It is stable for variation in dust load.
  • Low installation cost. Simple construction. Accessible for maintenance and inspection.
  • No rotating parts.
  • Small installation area. Compact design. Compared with capacity treated, it is much smaller.

Industrial Applications

  • Cement plants
  • Steel plants
  • Metallurgical industries
  • Mining industries
  • Power plants
  • Utility boilers (including biomass bagasse and solid fuel fired boiler)
  • All types of dryers
  • Food, Pharmaceutical and FertilizerIndustry